Android 4.0.3 vs Android 4.0.4 vs Android 4.0.5

It’s long back that Ice Cream Sandwich came into existence. Now, Android phone emerged as storm, as everyone want it in their device. Ice Cream Sandwich not only carries great look but also provides experience of an improved Android.
The enthusiastic Android developers initially agitated countless ROMs that were based on Ice Cream Sandwich. However, with each update ROM also incorporated many new bug fixes and features. However, 4.0.4 version was released recently, user are already looking for 4.0.5 in stores.
In this article we will compare the previous release 4.0.3 with the recent one 4.0.4 and what to expect in the next release i.e. 4.0.5.
Android 4.0.3
Android 4.0.3 was released in December 2011as the first release. It was consist of numerous features with 15 API level. Social Stream API was one of them in the Contract provider.
Apps that used the social stream data such as check-ins and status updates can now be sync with each of contacts of the users that permitted the users to know about the doing and saying of their contacts.
In calendars also enhancement were made, for easy tracing of events by adding colours to them through apps. New attendee states and types were also available with it. Camera also got some additional features with apps that enable checking as well as managing video stabilization and can opt for QVGZ resolution if require.
Many convenience refinements was also provided with the update, that included better content access for all screen readers as well as error reporting and new status for engine of text-to-speech. Database, graphics, Bluetooth, spell-checking and many more were other incremental improvement with it.
Experiments heading was the latest update in setting menu of Gmail with which users got two new options. The first provided Gmail to catalogue entire messages for better local search, whereas other one enables drag-drop of contact chips in between TO, BCC & CC address fields.However, many complain were registered with this update as it took longer time for the access to the multitasking features and even the animation were not liked by the users.
Android 4.0.4
After that in March 2012, Android 4.0.4 were released by keeping the complains of previous version. Google tried to fix all problems that were found and add few more features in it. Users expected the improvement in 4.0.4 to match the experience of Ice Cream Sandwich and approved it as a finished product.
In this version, Google provided screen rotation as a new feature with much better multitasking feature. The screen rotation feature was much faster and fluid. The apps of camera also appeared with enhancement that allowed it smoother and faster working.
However, this update also had some problem like in Galaxy Nexus; user came across signal problem or sometime signal loss while accepting OTA update. Galaxy Nexus GSM user reported that loss of signal occurred when the device enters the standby mode.  However, many assumed it as a power saving feature but it was annoying to many users as it unable the device from receiving any calls or message on standby mode.
Android 4.0.5
Android 4.0.5 has not been released yet but many users are already waiting for it. If speculation is to be believed than it will be release by April, 2012.
As per the speculation, 4.0.5 will not carry any new feature with it, however all issues will be fixed in it. It may also address various internal bugs as well as reboot issues like issue related to audio reboot.
Definitely, if you do not have Android 4.0.4 yet, then get is fast. After resolving numerous issues of 4.0.3, it provided Ice Cream Sandwich a smoother functioning. Other than Galaxy Nexus, other devices are doing fine with it.
However, if you’re waiting for the Android 4.0.5, it might be worth doing that. With fixed bug and various improvements, 4.0.5 will formulate the Ice Cream Sandwich as software that every device user should have.

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