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Did you wanted to have a featured post section in your Blogger blogs? You would have probably noticed that featured sections in the WordPress blogs quite often. People normally use this section to contain their top performing posts, so that they get a further boost up by those extra impressions. As many people tend to read the featured posts, this widget works quite well.But in this tutorial we would discuss about something new kind of featured post widget,moving fetured post slider widget,Hope you already saw that on this blog.So here is the tutorial.

1.Log on to your blogger dashboard

2. Go to your Layout  tab.

3. Click on "Add a Widget" then select "HTML/JavaScript" Widget.

4. Copy and Paste the following code inside the Widget.

<script type="text/javascript">
 var nMaxPosts =5;
        var nWidth = 100;
        var nScrollDelay = 100;
        var sDirection = "left";
        var sOpenLinkLocation = "N";
        var sBulletChar = ">>>";
<script src="" 

<script src="




  • If you want to add more post then just Change the Number 5 in "var nMaxPosts"
  • Want to Change the Width(in %) of the Slidebar Change the number shown in Pink colour.
  • To change moving speed of Slidebar change number as shown in Green colour.

Now save it and you're done.

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