Preview Of The New Apple Mountain Lion – With Great New Drooling Feature

The next Apple’s iteration of the Mac OS X has got its attention at the Apple’s crucial today. Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Software Engineering covered the crucial Mountain Lion and also said that, the Lion would come along with 200 new features and would be launched till next month for $19.99. The Mountain Lion noticed a big exit for a path for Apple. This was the first OS X release provided to the reporters, whereas Apple has put many of the planned features on in website.
On the OS, one of the biggest exceptions was the Power Nap, which is an automatic system that makes sure that the machine of your is known about the changes that would be going on it or at the time it’s asleep. Once you have plugged your laptop, it will automatically make itself on work and then update the software and then synchronize automatically with your iCloud. Not only that, it will also make a backup by itself. This is really a handy feature, where you laptop remains silent thought the Updation process, but this new feature won’t work with all the features, but with some of the recent generation machines.
On a different release, Apple introduced some other new features, but was not able to make it as a keynote. The new app was the System Wide Detection. This app can be in any standard Mac text control that will accept voice input for text or message. Including these feature, Mountain Lion also introduced the iDevice for Mac users. Now your Mac will have its own Reminder, Notes, Game, Messages, Notification Centre, and all those interface that you can see in your mobile devices. Having it integrated with iCloud, it makes sure that the application will work along with the same data that is present in all other Apple devices.
The new Message will replace the iChat and along with this, it will also gain the aptitude for sending messages. This new feature will be available in the iOS 6. Including this, Safari will also see the updates that will get the better number of multitouch sign and along with this, it will also have the ability that will view open tabs on your other devices that you will have to sync with your iCloud.
Apple had previously announced that they would now also support the third party app. This access will be gained to the iCloud storage. But, they will offer the app through Apple’s App store. But later on Apple got into much more detail about this and let it known to everyone about how would it work. They showed that when you make any change in the iCloud, then the change that you have made will be automatically be propagated to all other Apple devices.
For the Mountain Lion, there are some added new features that they have planned. One of the ability is that, you can now share your Mac screen with any other screen that is made up to the Apple TV. Now you can see your desktop, movies, presentation and many others with the remote screen. This shows that now Apple is planning to turn the TV hobby, into something big and serious.

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