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On 11th July, Tapbots launched a public alpha form of its Tweetbot Twitter client for Mac OS X. It is good news that it has been released for iPad and iPhone users of Tweetbot – or for each one who is seeking for a quality substitute of TweetDesk. Surely, Tweetbot for Mac is yet not a whole product – however almost. Actually, we would say it is much more whole than TweetDeck that is updated and owned by Twitter itself, in plenty of ways. Here, we are taking a quick hands-on of Tweetbot for iMac.

Let’s Start -

Very firstly, in case you do not have operating system X Lion then you will either need to update your operating system, or do wait till Tapbots update the software to perform on previous forms of OS X. We were on OS X Snow Leopard when we started this procedure, therefore we had to do wait for an hour or so for downloading and install OS X Lion before we can get started. Do not make the similar mistake.

User Interface –

In case you are already a twitter user – and majorly in case you are already use Tweetbot on your iPad or iPhone – then no one of following will come as a surprise. All of the reputed features are integral in Tweetbot for Mac. The smooth user interface of Tweetbot for Mac is very much same to the iPad form, with some elements taken by iPad form. The distinction among Mac and iPad forms of Tweetbot is negligible and majorly account for the usage of mouse in spite of your fingers.

Reading, Tweeting and Retweeting –

Similar to iOS forms and TweetDesk forms, Tweetbot for Mac tells about lists and timeline immediately and as with iOS forms, the Mac form doesn’t continually stream the latest tweets that can make difficult to read each coming tweet, majorly in case you follow numbers of accounts. In spite, it shows how many new tweets have been available since you scrolled down from the top position. Its number will count down as immediately as you click over new tweets, which you haven’t seen yet.

The Good –

Also in alpha, Tweetbot for Mac has many features. The UI is clean and snappy. Navigation is easy. And even though the application updates tweets continually, the plenty of notification bar makes it simple to understand which tweets are new. In all I am pleased by experience.

The Bad –

There are not much negative points; however here is quick list –
  • Logging in needs releasing a browser
  • It only performs with OS X 10.7 or higher
  • Settings button is non-functional.

Conclusion –

I like Tweetbot Twitter client for Mac. Unluckily, it doesn’t permit you to include accounts from Facebook or other sites of social media that is a handy feature available in Hootsuite and TweetDesk clients. However the simplicity and smoothness of Tweetbot makes it great contender.

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