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IDM speed increase

Internet Download Manager is the worldwide used download manager.
Millions of people are using IDM and are well aware of its many dashing features and it's on the top amongst all the download managers.
So I don't need to introduce it to you, you will better know it from me.I guess!
OK today the purpose of this post is to teach you how can you Optimize you IDM for extra speed.
Usually it all depends on your Internet/LAN Connection speed but with this trick I am sure your download speed will increase a bit!

How to Speed-up IDM?

The procedure can be divided into two steps:
1.Configuring IDM settings:
First open IDM and go to options.There in  connection tab set Lan 10 Mbps as the default connection.
Then type /speed in the box and leave away all the other boxes empty. 

2.Editing the registry:

  • Go to run.
  • Type regedit to open registry editor.
  • Next  In the left pane, expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software and then highlight "Download Manager".
  • And In the right pane, look for the registry entry named "MaxConnectionsNumber", double click it.
  • In the Edit DWORD Value box, click Decimal and replace current value with 100. Default value is 8. An option to increase it by 16 is available but might not be enough so increase the value to 100. A higher value might cause download speed to drop or be inconsistent.
     That's it :)
So simple and easy!
Must give it a try and give me your feedback by commenting down here!
I am sure that your downloading speed will be increased now.

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