Get Free Domain .tk domain

In this tutorial we will learn how to register a free domain for blog like .Tk ..There are 2 methods to register a Tk domain for your blog, 


Method 1

you can check a domain availablity there.

  • Sign Up(fill the form). Click Here To sign Up
  • Add a domian, and check free domain. Click on Next.
  • Put Your refer Url(Your Blog address). And click Next.
  • Done! Now your blog can be visited by That Tk address.And also by Blog address Enjoy
.If you have any problem then comment. 


Method 2

Method of to get custom domain is same as a above but. you have to Use DNS setting for your blog.
  • when you Add a domain so click on that domain and click on Modify


  • Then see the screen shot above and do like that. is a domain. and setting as
Click on add new and your domain name without www.
and insert at the front
Now add Cname Record and insert www.yourdomain.Tk and at the front put
Done! It will take 30 minuts for changes to be modified.
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