Epic Privacy Browser- a Great Privacy-Focused web browser based on Chromium Made in India

Epic Browser is not the first nor will it be the last Chromium-based web program that expects to enhance client security. The point when Google Chrome was discharged years back, alternate party Chromium-based programs showed up without further ado from there on that offered a large portion of what Chrome needed to offer, yet without numerous of the following or security attacking characteristics that Google's program dispatched with. 

The lion's share of the aforementioned programs are still around, and Epic Browser will contend with them and Chrome, and most likely other web browsers also. 

The homepage of Epic Browser concentrates on protection, first clarifying how you are constantly followed on the Internet, and afterward how Epic Browser helps you secure yourself when you are searching the Internet.

Epic Browser review

According to that page, it fixes 11 potential leaks that may reveal information about you and your browsing habits to Internet companies such as Google.

  • No address bar suggest
  • No URL checks
  • Auto-translate has been removed.
  • No URL Tracker
  • Installation ID removed
  • RLZ-Tracking number removed
  • Default Updater removed.
  • Installation time stamp removed.
  • No alternate error pages.
  • No navigation error suggestions
  • No error reporting

epic browser,privacy protection

Notwithstanding that, it pretty much defaults to private scanning mode by averting the recording of history, reserves, passwords, prefetching and different characteristics that may uncover data about the client. 

That is however still insufficient. It clears all searching information on passageway of course, determining that any data that were required throughout the session are uprooted from the framework simultaneously. 

As you may have recognized, this may affect how you function with the program as you can't make utilization of characteristics that you might have come to depend on. 

The engineers of Epic Browser have added characteristics to the program that not Chrome or Chromium ship with. This incorporates a single click Us substitute server (fueled by Spotflux) that clients can make utilization of to shroud their unique Ip address when they are scanning on the Internet (yes, this incorporates access to Us-just administrations, for example Hulu), combined advertisement blocking and tracker blocking, programmed hindering of unbiased gathering treats, and immediate utilization of https forms of sites if furnished. 

It is intriguing to note that Epic will empower the substitute naturally on Google to counteract the following of your Ip address on the site. What more? It obstructs the sending of the referral header when you utilize the web index with the goal that alternate party sites don't comprehend what your inquiry term was that headed you to their site. 

An alternate intriguing characteristic is the umbrella symbol that you can use for brisk access to a few center characteristics, for example promotion and unbiased gathering treat blocking.
umbrella key,epic


You are likely pondering about downsides of utilizing the browser. The foremost thing that rings a bell are the characteristics that you can't use, for example spell checking, auto-interpretation or session restore. A few characteristics are left for the client to choose, for example the sparing of passwords in the program, while others can't be adjusted in any structure or way. 

The location bar look supplier is situated to epicsearch.in. Consistent with the engineers, income produced here is utilized to back the browser and administrations it gives. They besides state that the ads showed here are just dependent upon a client's inquiry question and an unpleasant area check. 

Closing Words 

It is so unanticipated it is not possible tell if Epic Browser will make a huge sprinkle or remain a corner browser that engages a security centered crowd. 

I wish it might give clients decision with respect to a percentage of the characteristics as it might enhance the browser's convenience. It might then be the client's choice to give up some security for accommodation. 

The engineers have guaranteed to discharge the source code of the browser soon. For the time being however, it is not accessible.

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