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Encoding/ COMPRESSING with handbrake download the software  
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click "Source" select "Video File" then browse for your file to be reencodedclick "High Profile" on "Presets" panelclick "Container" drop down box select "MKV"
note: I select MKV to select Vorbis audio later on when encoding with audio because AAC of Handbrake
is not NeroAAC so Vorbis audio wins in here for good quality on low bitrate
 go to "Picture" tab (Resolution tab) and select "None" on "Anamorphic" drop down boxthen check "Keep Aspect Ratio" now on "Height" input box put 400 or 360now the "Width" will be calculated automaticallyNOTE: 400 as height is 400p so 360 as height is 360p


  go to "Video" tab  set "Video Codec" to "H.264(x264)" then set "Framerate (FPS)" to "Same as source"
then make sure that "Variable Framerate" is selected and then choose your encoding mode on "Qaulity"

i prefer "Constant Quality" or CRF

if you prefer "Constant Quality" take note that filesize will vary but quality will
be almost consistent through out the video for a given CRF value
and its a faster way of encoding too because its 1-pass"Constant Quality" or CRF values good ranges are from 24 - 28 i prefer value of 26is in average 360p like 640x360 (for 16:9) or 512x384 (for 4:3)if you prefer or "Avg bitrate" make sure to check "2-pass encoding"
and check "Turbo first Pass"note: in "Avg bitrate" good values are betweeen 300-450 bitrate 

 go to "Audio" tab click "Remove" button repeatedly to remove all the audio on the queueselect an audio on the "Source" drop down box or leave it as "Automatic"on "Audio Codec" drop down box select "Vorbis"
on "Mixdown: drop down box select "Mono"on "Bitrate" drop down box select "48" (this means you will encode the audio in 48 bitrate)click "Add Track" so that your audio and its settings will be on encoding queueNOTE: for multi-audio (like dual-audio) you do same steps just click "Add Track" equal tothe number of audio tracks then on each track set the "Audio Codec" as "Vorbis" and
"Mixdown" as "Mono" and "Bitrate" as "48"NOTE: take note that the first audio you put on the queue will be the default audio
when you play the reencoded fileNOTE: we set "Mixdown" to "Mono" and at 48kbps audio to ensure that we can encode sources that are FLAC and in 6 channels 

go to "Subtitles" tab then select the subtitle you want to Hardsubbed on the drop down box of "Track:"in this case i select a SSA/ASS subtitle then i check the "Burned In" checkbox for Hardsubbedor "Default" checkbox for Softsubbed and press the "Add" button to add the subtitle to the queue
NOTES:Hardsubbed - means the subtitles are irreversibly part of the video so you cannot turn off this or extract this kind of subsSoftsubbed - means the subtitles are just part of the video like a text display that can easily be turn off or turn on back again and this kind of subtitles can be extracted  the last and important tab 

   go to "Advanced" tab and set the values as follows-Reference Frames = 8-Maximum B-Frames = 5-Motion Estimation = Uneven Multi-Hexagon-Subpixel ME & Mode Decision = 10Note: value 10 requires Trellis to be "Always" on (Trellis=2)Note: lower than 6 will make your encoding slightly fast but the quality will suffer a lot-Adaptive Quantization Strength lower the slider to value 0.6 you will see the value changingon the white box that has encoding settings below the "Reset All" button
the value of "aq-strength" will change as you move the slider-Psychovisual Rate Distortion move the slider to the left until the value "psy-rd" on the white boxi described earlier will be set to 0.0
-Psychovisual Trellis set the slider of this all the way to the left to make its value 0 (zero)Psychovisual Trellis is not good for anime-Trellis = Always-Deblocking = 1 and 1 note: if you want to know more about the advanced settings just hover your mouse to a settingsdrop down box or checkbox or slider until a tooltip appearsnote: if you like to save this settings as preset just click "Add" on the "Presets" Pane then youmay select "Set Default" toothen press "start" button to start encodingalternatively you can click "Add to Queue" then start encoding from there
the "Add to Queue" function is good if your gonna encode a lot of videos
 so thats it happy encoding with Handbrake to speed up more the reencoding of fansub animego to "Video Filters" tab and set it all to "Off"

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